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Building Yourself a Support System
By Jane Mugford WhatTheyThink? magazine USA
When installing and using print technology, you have a lot of resources to rely on: the vendor, your internal team, the internet, user manuals, consultants and so on. However, often the most untapped resource pool is the user community to which you belong.

5 Questions to Ask When Choosing Wide-format Media
In-plantGraphics (USA)
When it comes to getting the most out of your wide-format printer investment, media matters. Selecting the right media can greatly impact the overall quality of printed output; help attract new clients; streamline construction workflow or even generate sales at the point-of-purchase.

Managing Your Customers
By Marty McGhie - Big Picture magazine (USA)
One of the most important but challenging aspects of business is the management of your customers.

Wide-format Printing: How Dye Sublimation Works
By Johnny Shell, Sign Media (Canada)

With the growing popularity of ‘soft signage,’ where images are printed on textiles to create fabric graphics, many signmakers today are looking into dye sublimation, a highly specialized process with which many of them are not yet familiar.

How to Select Your Next Wide-Format Printer, Part II

By Bob Flipse, President, Grafx Network, (USA)
Know your business, and why and for what reason you are looking to purchase a printer, and base that on what you need to produce with it to make sure you make the right choice.

How to Select Your Next Wide-Format Printer

Bob Flipse, President, Grafx Network, (USA)
This is an interesting topic, to be sure, and one that could invite plenty of argument from interested parties (e.g. - sellers shouting, "Buy mine, buy mine!"). Follow the steps in this article to help you to make an informed decision.

Pack It Up
By Mike Antoniak, Big Picture magazine USA

How wide-format digital printers are finding their place in the packaging world.

Lamination round-up: What to offer and why?
Written by  Rob Fletcher for FESPA
Rob Fletcher takes a look at some of the latest lamination products and solutions on offer to those companies involved in wide-format print and sign-making.

Give it the squint test
SignCraft USA
Many years ago, I asked the legendary Chicago sign designer Bob Seelander how to tell if a sign layout was going to work. He said that what mattered was “the legibility of the copy and the general appearance of the layout through half-closed eyes.”

What's Happening with Digital Transfers
By Lia Carroll-Hackett, Associate Editor, SGIA; magazine
The evidence of digital technologies taking root in our industry is increasing rapidly. More and more garment decorators are adopting the use of these new technologies every day.

Stay Sharp with Cutters and Routers
Big Picture magazine (USA)
More than 50 sources of cutters, cutting systems, routers and trimmers. Cutting to size or shape is often a critical step in the finishing process. But what kind of machine is best for your particular operation and the types of jobs you typically take on?

How to choose the perfect cutting table
Practical Sign & Digital Graphics – South Africa
When deciding what cutting table is right for your business there are some crucial factors to bare in mind. Luckily for you ESKO are on hand to talk you through the process.

How to Optimize Color and Workflow in Wide Format Printing
By: Scott Dickerson Tuesday, xpedx blog
There are some basic functions in a print job that have been around a long time and will probably always stay with us, no matter how advanced the technology becomes. Color optimization and workflow management are two of those functions that have to be perfect on every job.

Flags and banners
Sign Update (UK)
Getting creative with banners and flags
Soft signage offers many advantages for both end-users and sign makers; versatility and affordability and ease of transport to name a few. Jemima Codrington spoke with resellers and manufacturers to get the scoop on what's behind the boom in banners and flags, and to see how sign makers can maximise potential within this market.

Think Ink
By Mike Antoniak, Big Picture magazine (USA)

There's no doubt about it: New print systems and applications are driving the industry's ink suppliers to innovate. Six ink suppliers share their takes on the broader trends affecting the entire wide-format marketplace. Plus our 2014 Ink Sourcelist: a directory of more than 70 suppliers of ink.


Breaking News: You're No Longer a Small Shop

By Marty McGhie - Big Picture magazine USA

As small businesses grow larger, a kind of internal struggle occurs. They find themselves battling to manage the day-to-day challenges that in the past, may have been relatively easy to handle.

APP Walking the Walk
The weekly Verdigris blog by Laurel Brunner- Digital Printer (UK)
Asian Pulp & Paper (APP) really do seem to be living up to their promises. When they announced their Forest Conservation Policy just over a year ago it had a serious omission: reforestation and conservation plans. This had lead to some voluble criticism from NGOs such as the WWF and Greenpeace, however APP has now declared its plans for the restoration and conservation of one million hectares (about 2.5 million acres) of rainforest across Indonesia.

Read more ...

Get great fonts on-the-house
Signcraft magazine (USA)
In the market for a few great fonts for sign work--for free?
Most typefaces don’t work well on signs. There are tens of thousands to choose from, but since most were designed to use on the printed page or on a computer display, they often lose legibility at the large sizes needed for sign work.

Transforming and Automating Workflows: Do I need to do it all at once?
By David Zwang, WhatTheyThink? magazine (USA)
In the last article, we looked at a company that was able to implement a system that offered full process automation from one solution provider. While it was a very comprehensive system that took into account both offset and digital production, this approach is not for everyone.

How to Know When to Turn Down a Garment Printing Job
By Greg Kitson, Founder and President, Mind's Eye Graphics, magazine (USA)
Asking the right questions is the first step to avoiding the job from hell. Do not agree to a job that is foreign to you until you know all that it entails, including the processes you'll need to use, what supplies you will require, and how much time and effort you will have to put into it.

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