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Viral Advertising – real or imagined?

Without actually realising it, signage in the mid 1990’s was on the edge of something very new. It would, in this the 21st century, reconfigure the basic elements of mass advertising beyond what was ever imagined in those heady days of the 90’s.

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A Dilemma …. Branded or Unbranded?

Shane Drew puts a relatively unknown vinyl through it's paces.

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Trust in business – plausible or unrealistic?

Trust, or lack of, has been in all the Australian news media in recent months. Mainly on a political level, and has been singly attributed to the large swing against the government in the recent Queensland election. Suffice to say, whether you follow politics or not, it is widely acknowledge by most pundits as being on the minds of voters on a Federal level too.

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Work Health and Safety reforms – more bureaucracy, more regulations and more stress to add to your day.

With over 300 pages for the new national Work Health and Safety ACT and over 700 pages of regulations, how can any small business manage to stay within the confines of the ACT, without help?

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Answering a prayer

So often we get set in our ways;  going to the same old restaurants,  travelling the same route home, watching the same TV shows, drinking the same beer with friends, and we keep going back to the same vinyl products when we produce our signs.

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A lesson learned from a traditional sign writer.

Recently I was met by a traditional sign writer that found it very hard to hide his contempt for me, and those like me, that practice the ‘digital new age’ concept of his traditional trade.

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Outsourcing: a small business challenge

As SME’s continually try to reinvent themselves to compete with their bigger rivals, sometimes the obvious escapes them.

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Workplace trauma may be coming to a job site near you

Unfortunately workplace accidents are all too common. Some are deadly, some are simple, some are just plain stupid, but in every case it could be argued that they are avoidable.

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Expo Review

So, hands up those businesses that went to the Sydney sign show last week.

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Paypal for businesses?

Being a small business is hard enough. Like most small businesses, we do whatever we can to encourage clients to pay their accounts in a convenient form.

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I think it is fair to say that 2011 has started with one disaster after another.

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Are you covered?

Recent events in Queensland will have far reaching effects on all sorts of industry. Ours is no exception.

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When is saving not a saving

I sometimes wonder if we are not our own worse enemy.

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Just when you thought it was a good idea to support a well known charity, you get scammed, again and again.

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Social Responsibility: How does your workplace rate?

If you were to ask most business owners or managers in larger corporations, if there was bullying in their workplace, what do you think the response would be?

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