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Swing to offset for some poster and display companies

KBA, a leading manufacturer of offset presses has published a report that details the swing by some large poster companies going to offset to stay competitive. Is their room in our market for such a hungry beast?

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Epson and its many patents
by Nozomu Kawamoto

For several years, Epson has been one of Japan's top five companies in the number of registered patents and has also consistently ranked among the top 20 recipients of US patents. For a company that has grown into a world-class manufacturer on the strength of technologies developed in-house, Epson's emphasis on new inventions may be a matter of course.

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Conversion to digital doesn't end Kodak's challenges
By Matthew Daneman

Scattered across Kodak Park are patches of new landscaping: a walkway here, a roadside border there. Small red rock stone blankets the new features. That stone is the ground-up bones of Eastman Kodak Co.'s past — crushed bricks from the forest of buildings that the company has knocked down or blown up as it tries to transform the massive industrial complex that overlaps Rochester and the town of Greece.

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UV Roll-To-Roll Ink Jet Printers Potential Manufacturer Revenue of $564 Million by 2011
By IT Strategies

Over the last few years, a new type of wide format UV ink jet printer has come on the market: the wide format UV roll-to-roll printer. (Definition of UV ink jet printer: An ink jet printer where the inks are cured by UV light.) The question being asked by many today is: Will UV roll-to-roll printers experience as much success as the UV flatbed or are these printers being pushed into the market because of vendor need rather than user demand? I.T. Strategies expects that UV roll-to-roll printers (does not include hybrids) could grow from an installed base of 199 printers in 2006 to 1,300 by 2011, a CAGR of 46%. Total manufacturer revenue from UV roll-to-roll printers (hardware, ink and media) is forecast to increase from $121 million in 2006 to more than $560 million by 2011, a CAGR of 36%. (NB: Total manufacturer revenue from UV flatbed ink jet printers grew from $58 million in 2003 to $600 million in 2007.)

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Deciding on digital
By Will Eve

Will Eve, Technologies Director at Inca Digital Printers, explains the issues that should be considered when looking at flatbed inkjet technology.

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A proof for all reasons
By Andy McCourt

Proofing and colour management may sound dry topics but, like the glistening demonstration car in the showroom, proofs need to represent what is delivered to the customer. Andy McCourt was part of the complex digital proofing revolution that hit Australia in the late 1990s but deals with it in an easy-to-read way.

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Understanding your ink
By Andy McCourt

“If all the world were paper and all the sea were ink; If all the trees were bread and cheese, what should we have to drink?”  Well, if the vast oceans really were ink, as the quoted old nursery rhyme suggests, we’d be able to afford more than bread and cheese. Yes, for professional reproducers of digital art and photography, ink is a major expense but; much more should be considered than price alone as Andy McCourt explains.

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Canvas - How long will it last?
by Bruce Connelly, Giclee Media Supplies Pty Ltd

I am constantly asked how long a printed canvas will last.  The only credible response is – "there is no simply answer". While there are far too many manufacturing and atmospheric variables to give definitive answers, we now know many of the factors that influence the longevity of inkjet canvas.

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Age shall not weary them
By Andy McCourt

Since the dawn of dye-based digital inkjet reproduction, issues of colour fastness and print longevity have been at the fore. Today, with pigmented inks and non-wood fibre papers that are acid-free, claims of durability can run into hundreds of years. Andy McCourt looks at print archivability, and the test methods used to determine the claims.

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Archiving for posterity and profit
By Andy McCourt

Once a digital image is captured – either by camera or scanner – it can live a variety of lives in different media but at some stage it needs to be archived and indexed for future use. Much debate abounds about the best method but, as Andy McCourt discusses here, some are more archival than others.

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The evolution of our wide format technology
by Andy McCourt

Ever since Encad - now a Kodak company - introduced the Novajet in 1991, large format digital inkjet printing has experienced double-digit annual growth. Can sixteen years of hard driving continue, or will the brakes go on? Andy McCourt looks at how it happened, the state of the market today and what might be around the corner.

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