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The new DTG Digital – M2

DTG digital proudly announces the pending release of the new model DTG M2.


Designed to stay abreast of an evolving market where higher volume, customized and often “last minute” production demands are increasingly the focus of print shops and purchasers alike.

“In the past 3 years, the entire industry has evolved and matured to such a level where the technology is now considered to be a requirement within a full service print shop, however, production needs versus capital investment has been at an impasse” stated Mr Jerry Erich, sales manager for DTG Digital.

DTG-M2With the wider acceptance of the direct to garment technology, we have noticed a shift towards higher volume production demand, yet hesitancy for print shops to invest in additional equipment to address this. In most cases, the jump from a sub $20,000 investment to potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars is not one that many can justify. Equally continuing to invest in sub $20k machines seems counter intuitive as in many cases multiple machines are needed to cover production demand.

With this in mind DTG has spent the past 12 months engineering the new DTG M2 machine.

“This machine takes us in a whole new direction” states Mr Erich. “Conceptually we wanted to build an industrial machine with higher production capabilities but at the same time one that retails only marginally higher than an Epson conversion. It simply had to meet the output V investment criteria”

The DTG M2 is a purpose built garment printer, utilizing industrial components. It is capable of 24inch wide prints, thus allowing 2 shirts to be printed in one pass. Furthermore the customized firmware allows the machine to print with larger ink drop sizes and seamless print continuation between white and colour layers. This alone more than doubles the productivity over our traditional flagship model DTG Viper.

With further RIP software enhancements still being beta tested, it is entirely possible that on some designs, using our One Pass Fast feature, we are able to far out-produce the typical print-shop workflow.

DTG Digital
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