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Epson Europe reveals release of first Flatbed UV and latex-like printers

In breaking news from Epson’s Germany branch, the company has announced its entry into the Flatbed UV sector with the 10-colour Surecolor V-7000 and an aqueous ‘latex-like’ resin ink-based 6-colour roll printer. Epson Australia will make an official announcement in early October.

Epson SureColor SC V7000 002
Epson's soon-to-be released SureColor V-7000 fetaures 10 colours and a 2500mm x 1250mm bed

Translated from Epson Germany's news release:

With the new Epson SureColor SC-V7000, print service providers are expanding their portfolio to include services for the UV signage and advertising market. Despite its fast operation, the new Epson UV printer reliably delivers high-quality prints on a variety of media. The printer was designed for use in companies that want high throughput with low operating costs, but without compromising on quality.

The SureColor SC-V7000 works with an Epson micro piezo print head and a newly developed set of 10 inks including gray, red, white and an additional clear ink. Thanks to this combination, the printer enables precise reproduction of even difficult spot and corporate colors. With the now comprehensive range of eco-solvent, resin and UV printing systems, Epson offers solutions for almost all applications in the areas of signage, POS and interior design. The SureColor SC-V7000 will be available from all qualified dealers from November 2020.

A 4-zone vacuum system is part of the standard equipment of the machine, so that operators only occupy the area required for the current print job. Additional features such as an ionizer and pins for media positioning ensure greater ease of use, efficiency and productivity. The Epson Edge Print RIP software, together with the UV flatbed controller, further accelerates printing and ensures reproducible production of high-quality prints. The UV flatbed printer with its work surface of up to 2.5 x 1.25 m prints directly on a variety of materials up to 80 mm thick. Acrylic, polycarbonate, PVC, ACM, glass, metal, polyester, foam boards, styrene, wood and stone can be printed with the new Epson.

Frank Schenk, Head of Commercial & Industrial Printing at Epson Deutschland GmbH, says: "Every function of the SC-V7000 has been developed with the needs of the customers in mind. We have added additional functions in order to strengthen our offering on the signage market The SureColor SC-V7000 is a robust, reliable and affordable UV-LED flatbed printer that prints quickly and in high quality on a wide variety of media. With the SC-V7000, Epson is expanding its range to include its first solution for the UV printing market and thus has a portfolio with which providers cover all tasks in the signage and advertising technology segment. "

Product features of the Epson SureColor SC-V7000:

  •     Newly developed 10-color ink set with cyan, magenta, yellow, black, light cyan, light magenta, gray and red enables prints with particularly low graininess. Red expands the color space and enables prints that appear even more vivid.
  •     Prints are further refined with the clear ink, which can be cured matt or glossy.
  •     Thanks to the new Epson print head, it is possible to print colors, white and clear ink at the same time.
  •     Maximum print size (width x depth) of 2,500 mm x 1,250 mm
  •     4-zone vacuum system
  •     Positioning pins for easy and stable positioning
  •     Maximum media thickness: 80 mm with automatic recognition of the media thickness
  •     Standard with ionizer to reduce static electricity
  •     Included in delivery: Epson Edge Print RIP software

New Roll printers

Epson surecolor sc r5000 2 mid
Also newly announced by Epson Germany are two resin ink ('latex') aqueous roll printers


In a separate announcement, Epson Germany revealed (translated):

With the introduction of the SureColor SC-R5000 / SC-R5000L large format series, Epson has expanded its range of signage printers to include two special solutions with water-based, odorless resin inks. The new Epson R series meets even the demanding requirements of the printing industry for fast-drying, hardening resin inks. The SC-R5000 / SC-R5000L combine Epson's years of experience in the areas of imaging, color management and media to create professional printing solutions. With the now comprehensive range of eco-solvent, UV and now also resin printing systems, Epson offers solutions for almost all applications in the areas of signage, POS and interior design. The new SureColor SC-R5000 and SC-R5000L will be available from qualified retailers from December 2020.

The new 6-color UltraChrome RS ink set consists of odorless, water-based resin inks. The prints are therefore suitable for use in the interiors of schools, hospitals, hotels, but also living rooms, shops, galleries and the like. The bulk solution in the R5000 works with a 1.5 liter ink bag and is suitable for medium-sized print volumes. A hot-swap version with a double set of inks was installed in the SC-R5000L, so that switching from an empty to a full bag happens automatically without having to stop printing. automatically. This ensures more productive work.

The 64-inch (162 cm) wide printing device offers high performance thanks to its PrecisionCore Micro-TFP printhead. The temperature of three independent heating systems (pre-heating / plate heating / post-heating), monitored by four heat sensors, ensures consistent color reproduction over the entire printing range.

The efficient drying and hardening process enables prompt further processing such as lamination, cutting, lamination and thus enables faster completion of the material, which significantly shortens throughput times.

The long-life PrecisionCore Micro TFP print head ensures precise, reproducible colors from the first to the last print. Piezo print heads are also not subject to thermal stress, so that the droplet placement and size remain constant throughout the life of the print head. If the head has to be changed, this can be done by the user himself. This reduces downtime and increases productivity.

The Advanced Auto Tension Control (Ad-ATC) offers precise positioning of the motif on the medium. This makes it very easy to precisely position the prints on, for example, tiles, windows and wall coverings. The good reproducibility of even difficult colors saves material, reduces the set-up time of a print and delivers high quality results quickly and reliably.

Frank Schenk, Head of Commercial & Industrial Printing at Epson Deutschland GmbH, says: "As always, the new SureColor SC-R5000 and SC-R5000L have been developed precisely to meet the needs of our customers. These machines meet high quality and productivity requirements , Reliability and impress with their precise color reproduction. An important advantage of the new R-series is its easy maintenance. For example, the printhead can be replaced without the need for an external technician. With our comprehensive range of eco-solvent, UV and now also resin Printing systems, Epson is the solution provider for applications in the signage, POS and interior design printing environment. "

Product features of the Epson SureColor SC-R5000 / SC-R5000L:

  •     Epson UltraChrome RS ink set - Resin ink with a large color space in the colors cyan, magenta, yellow, black, light cyan and light magenta. An additional optimizer ensures high print quality.
  •     Additional compartment for the maintenance liquid
  •     Scratch Resistant Prints
  •     GreenGuard Gold, AgBB and French VOC certification
  •     Precise media handling in the supply and winding system - enables roll-to-roll printing for high productivity
  •     Advanced auto voltage control (Ad-ATC) for accurate and reliable media feed
  •     Self-maintenance concept, the print head can be replaced by the user
  •     Newly designed heating system (pre-heating / plate heating / post-heating)
  •     Bulk Ink Solution - 1.5 liter ink bags for users with medium print volumes (SC-R5000) and 2 x 1.5 liter ink bags for users with higher print volumes (SC-R5000L)
  •     Hot-swap function with the SC-R5000L, the printer continues to work with an empty ink bag by automatically switching to the second bag The empty ink bag is changed while printing is in progress.
  •     4.3 inch touch panel for intuitive operation
  •     Epson Edge Print RIP software for easy setup

Epson Australia says its own official announcements will be forthcoming in early October and will include more technical data and pricing.