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Next six months ‘significant’ for many printers: Ascent

With “some green shoots” beginning to emerge in the economy, business adviser Ascent Partners is conducting a printing industry survey seeking input about the volume of sales printers are expecting over the next six months.


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“Pleasingly, six months into COVID 19, we’re now starting to see some green shoots,” says Ascent’s Richard Rasmussen in his latest Market Watch newsletter. “New case infection rates, specifically in Victoria, are improving and the economy is showing signs of improvement.

“The recent Budget announced major stimulus packages to help counter the phasing out of JobKeeper and the return, for most businesses, to normal payment / payment term relief provided by creditors such as landlords.  

“Also, to coincide with expiry of COVID 19 Insolvency laws at the end of 2020, the Government is drafting legislation to introduce major insolvency law reforms. This is important not only the business that are planning to go through the new “Chapter 11” style restructuring process, but also for their business’s creditors. I encourage all to read about the reforms.

“So, we know what is coming from the Government and likely from our creditors, but the great unknown is what our sales volumes be over the next six months and beyond - What volumes are expected? What will be the new COVID normal?”

The Ascent Partners Quarterly Survey – Oct 20 seeks the industry’s input to those sales volume questions. Also, to establish the uptake of JobKeeper and the intended use of the Budget’s major stimulus packages, and to identify business model changes that are expected to be made over the next six months.

“I think the next six months will be significant for many printers, as they adapt to the new COVID normal,” Rasmussen says. “The results of the survey will provide a better understanding of where other business owner’s see the industry / market is heading and thus should enable proprietors to make more informed decisions about how they structure their businesses moving forward.   

“I therefore encourage all to complete this confidential survey - Click here to complete the THREE MINUTE SURVEY.

Ascent will publish the results in its next Market Watch newsletter. 

Ascent Partners has been a specialist business services provider to the Australian Printing and Graphic Arts Industry since 2007.