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Mutoh and CGS Oris combine for packaging proofing solution on actual substrates

Mutoh Australia has picked up on the European-Japan R&D between Mutoh and CGS Oris software to offer a unique proofing solution that faithfully reproduces the look and feel of actual label and other packaging production, on the original substrates thanks to new resin-based flexible inks, that bond into the surface like production inks.

MUTOH CGS Proofer smoothie sample
 Accurate proofing of shrink sleeves, uncoated labels, boards and more, on actual substrates, in now a reality with Mutoh

Direct-to-substrate proofing has long been the 'holy grail' of proofing for packaging. Most solutions rely on special proofing papers which can not reproduce 100% the real look and feel of the Flexographic, Offset or Gravure printed end result. A co-operation bewteen Mutoh and German colour management, Rip and workflow specialist CGS Oris has now solved this problem.

The all-new solution is based on CGS Oris´ existing packaging proofing and mock-up system 'FLEX PACK.' In supporting the specially-optimised Mutoh ValueJet 628 MP, a 24’’ (630mm) device ideal for narrow/mid-web, the packaging/label industry now has an indispensible tool for showing customers real colour-accurate proofs on the very materials they will be printed on.
Mutoh has developed new multi-resin, flexible inks in C, M, Y, K, Lc, Lm, and White; combining to make a perfect partnership of
MUTOH CGS Proofer XG Inks2
The new, flexible XG resin inks will not crack
software control, hardware and consumables to cover exactly the proofing applications for which transfer film or the use of traditional water-based, UV and eco-solvent inks are not the best alternative.
The new proofing solution has already been tested, adopted and very well received in Japan, and is now available on the European and Oceania markets.
Mutoh XG multi-resin inks are non-toxic, pigmented inks in a volatile solution with excellent adhesion on coated and uncoated substrates. The XG resin inks easily accommodate ISO-coated or GRACoL color spaces.
Managing Director of Mutoh Australia, himself a veteran of proofing for packaging, welcomes the new addition: “The new  proofing system fills a gap in accurate proofing for label and other packaging applications. The texture and character of the real substrates can be appreciated and there is no metameric effect, often seen with proofing papers. For cartons with folds and scores, the flexible XG inks will not crack."
He continues: "Feedback from the first European customers is very positive. The results are contract-proof quality and, thanks to the motorized take-up unit, the system is suitable for unattended operation or even ultra-short runs for trials and test marketing. Proofing for shrink sleeves is especially pleasing because it enables checking of the correct distortion of a shrink sleeve prototype, thanks to the new XG inks' unique stretch and shrink capabilities. This also makes the inks ideal for thermoforming, the stretchability is amazing."
Another important niche is proofing on uncoated label stock and corrugated board. Unlike UV inks, XG INKS will retain the look and feel as well as all other physical properties of the target substrates intact. This means the proofs will have the physical feel of the final product.
 Mutoh VJ628MP with tensioned take-up
The ValueJet 628MP engine is based on Mutoh’s existing ValueJet 628 eco-solvent printer chassis. To cover the specific requirements of packaging designers and to adapt the printer chassis to the unique characteristics of the XG INKS, the printer works with an innovative mild temperature, low-pressure hot air knife system which, in combination with the integrated contact heaters, allows the inks to dry on uncoated substrates without exposing them to excessive heat.
Additionally, the media transport system has been optimized to allow loading of a wide variety of substrates including very thin PE shrink film and the pressure rollers transporting the substrate can be individually disabled.
To handle the white XG INKS, Mutoh integrated an internal ink recirculation system to prevent sedimentation of heavy particles. The ValueJet 628MP printer is also equipped with a 10 kg roll take-up system and has a sheet off mechanism to sheet off individual prints.
Cavenagh adds "We are also trialing the CGS Oris software and inks with wider Mutoh printers capable of printing rigid boards up to 15mm thick - this will be perfect for folding cartons and corrugated, on actual stocks."