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Mimaki launches new LED-UV large flatbed inkjet printers

Mimaki’s new JFX600-2513 and JFX550-2513 large flatbed UV inkjet printers are successor models to the JFX500-2131 and will be available in Australia by July.


mimaki JFX600, 550.jpeg

brad creighton mimaki au
         "Significant increase in productivity":
            Brad Creighton, Mimaki Australia

“Mimaki Australia is really excited to launch these two new LED UV flatbed printers by July this year,” said Brad Creighton, national marketing manager, Mimaki Australia. “The JFX550 and JFX600 performs a significant increase in productivity which is up 300% (JFX600 model) compared to our previous JFX500 production model. 

“These two new models are perfect for 8x4 boards (1,220 mm x 2,440 mm) with a thickness of up to 60mm, with features including 2.5D printing (Emboss Print), Greenguard Gold certified inks and ‘MDL command’ that allows users to control the printers from their production system or peripheral devices. The JFX500 and JFX600 is a must view for Australian sign and print producers looking for their next investment.”

In its announcement from Nagano, Japan, Mimaki Engineering said: “Equipped with drastically increased number of print heads, the JFX600-2513 and JFX550-2513 enable highly efficient printing and can improve productivity by approximately 300% for the JFX600-2513 and 150% for the JFX550-2513 compared to the JFX500-2131. In addition, the number of colours that can be installed has been increased from 4 colours in the previous JFX500-2131 to 6 colours, and a wide variety of ink sets can be selected to lead printing with vivid colours and higher expressive power. It really creates to print more eye-catchy signage graphics at higher speeds than ever before.

“The maximum printable size is 2,500 mm x 1,300 mm, with a thickness of up to 60 mm. It supports 4'×8’ boards (1,220 mm x 2,440 mm), which are often used for signboard production. Since direct printing on media is possible, they can print on a variety of media such as resin, glass, and metal, not to mention large sign boards, which makes them perfect printers for a wide range of applications such as large decorations, sign displays, and interior materials. Enable of direct printing on media up to 60mm thick, the printers are capable of 2.5D printing (Emboss print), which creates an uneven surface by printing with multiple layers of UV ink, offering high value-added printing applications.

“Mimaki in-house developed UV inks used in JFX600-2513 and JFX550-2513 are environmentally harmonized product with extremely low VOC content that are friendly to humans and the environment. They have been certified as “GREENGUARD Gold” because they meet the world's most stringent standards for volatile organic compound (VOC) emission measurement tests specified by UL, a U.S. third-party safety science organization, which guarantees their safety to the environment.”

Mimaki Engineering is developing ‘Connected Digital Printing,’ a system that connects inkjet printers to peripheral devices such as robots, conveyor belts, inspection equipment, sensors, and pre- and post-processing systems through intercommunication to enable integration into production lines, unattended on-demand production, and mass customization.

“The new models JFX600-2513 and JFX550-2513 support our original ‘MDL command’ that allows users to control the printers from their production system or peripheral devices. By utilizing MDL commands, it is possible to acquire information such as the amount of ink remaining in the printer and error information, as well as possible to control the table position and height where the print media is set, and printer operations such as the start of printing to deliver the unmanned, labour-saving, and automated printing of workpiece transfer. It contributes to the realization of digital transformation (DX) including pre and post processes of print and provides digital on-demand printing solutions for a new added value.” 

The JFX600-2513 and JFX550-2513 are scheduled to start sales in the [northern] summer of 2021 and will be targeted at sign graphics applications including large indoor and outdoor signs and advertisements.

Mimaki Engineering develops, manufactures, sales, and maintains industrial inkjet printers, cutting plotters, 3D printers, inks, and software.