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Guest editorial - Tyson Buechler on "Everything you need to know about PhotoTex"

It’s no secret that more and more businesses are on the hunt for wall coverings other than plain old paint. Wall graphics, wall coverings and removable wall art have been growing in popularity with PhotoTex leading the way. Removable wall coverings offer a simple, stylish and affordable way to get a message, idea or mission across. Tyson Buechler, GM at Total Image Supplies, explains.

PHOTOTEX 1 1024x1024
PhotoTex wall textile provides vibrant, durable, removable wall covering and signage

Tyson April2021
Tyson Buechler

The traditional problem with adhered wall graphics includes drawbacks like durability, usability, fading, creasing, sticky residue and wall damage. Now, PhotoTex conquers all of these glitches. Advances in modern materials, adhesives and printing technology, have revolutionised the way we stick signs, logos, labels, advertisements to walls and more. Of course, multiple PhotoTex applications have emerged during the Covid-19 pandemic situation.

Not your average surface covering, PhotoTex is a versatile adhesive-backed fabric that is removable, reusable and repositionable. It can be installed on virtually any available surface - including curved mounting surfaces - then removed and reused many times over.

Think of it as a next-level print media wallpaper: you can choose any photo, logo or design to be printed onto its patented polyester-blend fabric. PhotoTex is also multi-print technology compatible, meaning you can print with Aqueous, Solvent, Latex and UV ink technology in large format.

PhotoTex stairs
No ugly glue dobs on stair risers

Key features of PhotoTex

PhotoTex is changing the way our industry thinks about wall graphics. As well as being extremely durable, it is:

  • Self- adhesive - just peel and stick
  • Eco-friendly - 100% odourless, non-toxic and phthalates-free - no PVC
  • Easy to apply, reposition and reuse - install for a day or a decade!
  • Resistant to fading - even in outdoor settings
  • Designed to stick to all low and no-VOC paints
  • Low tack - can be easily removed without leaving any residue
  • Adhesive to virtually any non-porous surface including walls, windows, mirrors, doors and ceilings
  • Weather-proof - can withstand heat, cold, wind and water.

In addition, PhotoTex has a specialised coating which produces high-quality photo vibrancy when printed. It can also be painted upon, allowing users to create removable wall murals, and illuminated with a backlight.

Creative uses of PhotoTex

When it comes to PhotoTex and branding for business, the sky's the limit. You can use it for all sorts

PhotoTex Holmes expo
Elementary! PhotoTex answers the call

of marketing purposes - from office signage to custom wallpaper.

Major brands such as Qantas successfully use PhotoTex on temporary and permanent walls in areas of airports that are under construction. As these are generally high-traffic areas, it is critical that the wall coverings don't peel or come off. PhotoTex has provided Qantas with a premium, easy to apply and quick to remove signage solution that delivers the perfect result - good-looking wall graphics that won't shrink, curl, rip or wrinkle.

We have also helped clients use PhotoTex with great success on single-print installs including elevator doors, venue windows, window displays and seasonal promotions. No office is complete without signage, and PhotoTex is a great way to make a workspace look more professional using kiss-cut designs.

PhotoTex can be used on wall corners, ceilings and poles as well as transported for trade shows - unlike traditional materials printed with certain inks which show scratches or white breaks where the material is folded, PhotoTex doesn't crease, and can be moved around as much as you want.

Different types of PhotoTex 

There are a different types of PhotoTex, such as PhotoTex OPA/OPAS and PhotoTex EX/EXS which are the top-performing versions. They provide users with a high-quality removable or permanent self-adhesive solution for varying applications at the best possible price.

PhotoTex OPA/OPAS and PhotoTex EX/EXS are all:

  • Designed for 99% opaque/block-out coverage
  • Capable of vivid, sharp print reproduction
  • Ideal for self-adhesive textile wallpapers
  • Great for overlapping/panelling
  • Manufactured with 20% stronger removable tack than PhotoTex Original
  • Suitable for print with full-bleed, contour or kiss-cut.

The key differences to be aware of when deciding between PhotoTex OPA/OPAS and PhotoTex EX/EXS are: 

  • PhotoTex OPAS is recommended for Solvent and UV printers only. Latex should not be used on PhotoTex OPAS and will achieve optimum print reproduction on the OPA version.
  • PhotoTex EX/EXS is better suited to textured or brick walls as it has a 50% stronger tack
  • PhotoTex EX is the Aqueous and Latex version while EXS is the Solvent and UV version.

Tips for using PhotoTex 

Using PhotoTex is easy. You know those annoying air bubbles and unsightly wrinkles you can sometimes get with wall coverings or stickers? They don't exist with PhotoTex! You just peel and stick. A smooth, matte, canvas-like finish is guaranteed.

PhotoTex Floorsign
New PhotoTex EXS for floor signage

Another tip is that, before using PhotoTex, ensure your hands are clean. Although you can use a damp cloth to wipe dust, dirt and smudges away, it makes the application process even faster.

We also recommend that you liquid laminate your PhotoTex prints with ClearShield Wall Armor which offers extra stain, scratch and abrasion resistance.

Want to know more?

Our team at Total Image Supplies can help you decide whether PhotoTex is right for your business. We stock and supply all PhotoTex OPA/OPAS and EX/EXS versions across Australia and can offer expert support and advice.

Whether you are considering PhotoTex for home décor wall prints, point-of-sale corporate wall prints, office signage, company logos, indoor or outdoor graphics, corporate branding or events marketing, the possibilities are endless.

Let us help you explore them. When you need PhotoTex, look no further than Total Image Supplies. We’ve got everything you need for your home, office and workshop walls, and much more.

Tyson Buechler is General Manager of Total Image Supplies, based in Melbourne and servicing printers nationwide.


E: Tyson@totalimagesupplies.com.au

T: 1300 768 015

PhotoTex installation