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Spicers update: 8% rise in Epson ink prices  

Supplier Spicers has informed its customers there will be an 8% price increase on Epson inks from the 1st October 2021. Epson Australia has confirmed it has adjusted ink SKU pricing, but maintained hardware prices.

SC S80600 4
      Epson SureColor inks - all Epson ink appears to be affected by the increase

A spokesperson for Epson Australia noted: “Since the pandemic began at the beginning of last year Epson has been subjected to significant and ongoing cost impacts, including dramatically increased freight and raw materials costs and COVID-related disruptions at manufacturing sites. Although the costs have impacted across all our range of products, we have taken the decision to maintain hardware prices but increase ink SKUs, including for large format printing.

Despite the ongoing challenges Epson will continue to offer excellent value, quality products and services to our channel partners and our customers.”

Wideformatonline contacted other suppliers to see if their ink prices would increase. Mutoh Australia's Managing Director Russell Cavenagh said: "There is no doubt that shipping and airfreight charges have gone up exponentially but Mutoh has no current plans for increasing ink prices." Similarily, Mimaki Australia said it was unaware of any upcoming price increases. Roland DG was contacted but had not responded at time of writing.

In the Spicers bulletin, the company said:

spicers epson inks log“Some of the cost impacts we are experiencing have been outlined below:

Increases in the cost of freight with container costs increasing up to 5 times

Increases in the cost of airfreight due to limited routes

Increases in prices of raw materials, such as plastics

Increases in prices of components due to global shortage

Increase in manufacturing costs due to Covid related disruption at manufacturing sites.

Spicers last month warned of an explosion in shipping costs, saying a “terrible imbalance” between supply and demand in the shipping industry was unlikely to improve before the second half of 2022.  

Contact your local Spicers representative for more information.