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Visual Impact Sydney Video Review

The last local show for the year has come to a close with many exhibitors and visitors delighted with the outcome.

Exhibitions have a great future in Australia, even though the cost of exhibiting is prohibitive to many small companies. For the visitor, it is their chance to compare product performance against pricing and running costs and then being able to assess the benefits (or the lack of) to their own operations.
Many of the exhibitors had some tempting "Special offers" that will continue after the show (see relevant videos as and when they are approved).
Worth mentioning in this brief introduction is the stunning example of some amazing technology from Mimaki - a 3D printer that can create the 3D structure and print all in the same process (see the Mimaki video) - however there are many question marks on this: when will it become available, pricing, size limit of objects, cost of production, durability, etc. Brad Creighton assured us that whilst Mimaki wanted the industry to see examples of the technology he was restricted in what he could say about when exactly it will be available - sometime next year is all he was allowed to say.
On the subject of 3D printing, Photo Electronic Services used the show to exhibit the Massivit 1800 from Israel. 3D structures up to 1.8 metre high and with two sold in Australia already and over 20 around the world (ex drupa 16). Omus in Victoria was the first to get up and running whilst Composite Images in New South Wales is not far behind. Bruce Scott of Composite Images told us that he predicted that he may well be ordering a second and possibly a third machine as demand increases.  Photo Electronic Services had the head of a T-Rex on their booth as an example of the type of product that can be printed.
We will let the videos below tell the story of other exhibitors. However we can only put up those videos that have been approved by the relevant exhibitors. More will be added as we receive those approvals.
Considering that only a small percentage of our industry manages to get to these shows, these videos are valuable in that they can, and have provided some exhibitors with more presentations of their products compared to those that are done at the show.
Our apologies for the poor sound quality in some of the clips.

{youtube}mKBi4hMOpqQ|200|179{/youtube} {youtube}DBFAMOUMUBc|200|170{/youtube}
Mimaki Australia  Roland DG Australia
 {youtube}dnCAzkOSI2E|200|179{/youtube}  {youtube}dnCAzkOSI2E|200|170{/youtube}
Impression Technology Megara
{youtube}9kepQZ1JrX8|200|170{/youtube} {youtube}tbAdctPUkKM|200|170{/youtube}
Starleaton/DES Canon Australia
{youtube}A-n2xAXiJfc|200|170{/youtube} {youtube}RvHd_7gUcGY|200|170{/youtube} 
ADI Displays Jetmark
{youtube}jFwFIocRobE|200|170{/youtube} {youtube}495nyEN8feg|200|170{/youtube}
Mutoh Australia Photo Electronic Services
{youtube}UF7LcNVD1XA|200|170{/youtube} {youtube}3nXxjJ3mM3Q|200|170{/youtube}
Spicers GJS
{youtube}l1x_5n2BO1U|200|170{/youtube}  {youtube}I0saqBBvR9E|200|170{/youtube}
Celmac/HP Australia Pozitive


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