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The effectiveness of floor graphics

As highlighted in a previous article in WFOL, statistics continue to show that over 70% of purchasing decisions are made at or near the point of sale.

More business' than ever are discovering the power of placing graphics directly on pedestrian walkways.

The use of floor graphics is growing. A Starleaton source cited a three week study into floor graphics which found;
– Sales of products featured with floor graphics increased 17.2%
– 11.2% of shoppers had never purchased the product before
– Shoppers who stopped in that product area increased 280%

Additional research Starleaton sourced also found that when floor graphics were placed in front of displays, 64% of shoppers stopped and engaged.starleaton floor graphic

It can be argued that the floor is potentially one of the most useful sources of advertising information. It has been said that people, as if by reflex, are hard wired to periodically reorient themselves by looking down at the floor or ground. It is on this natural means of focus in which advertisers can capitalise by including relevant messages that impact consumers at the point of stimulation. It is also considered by some that the increasing use of smart phones is pulling the attention of pedestrians downwards to look at their devices while walking, and their peripheral vision is drawn to items on the path they are walking.

To improve the advertising concept of floor graphics, placement is key. It would be better to display it in prime locations such as at the entrance, near checkout lines or a cash register. Also, floor graphic displays should be made using vibrant images that will grab the attention of anybody passing by.

Through the help of credible and reliable printing companies, artistic floor graphic art images can be displayed anywhere – either inside or outside. Outdoor floor graphics are highly visible and effective simply because most people look where they are walking.


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