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Canon launches new Océ Arizona 1300 UV flatbed series

The six models in the new Océ Arizona 1300 series, the first to use LED curing, are aimed at sign and display graphics producers looking to increase production over a wider range of applications. 

Canon Arizona 1300 flatbed printer series
  The new Océ Arizona 1300 series

Suited for customers producing up to 15,000m² per year and offering printing speeds up to 52.8m² per hour, the Océ Arizona 1300 series includes three GT models (Océ Arizona 1340 GT, 1360 GT, 1380 GT) with a flatbed area of 1.25m x 2.5m, and three larger 2.5m x 3.08m XT models (Océ Arizona 1340 XT, 1360 XT, 1380 XT).

Canon says the new series has been developed to meet the needs of customers who are ready to upgrade their first flatbed or hybrid printer and are looking for a more productive, high quality product built for maximum uptime, while seeking the versatility to handle an even broader range of media for diverse applications.

The new Arizona series allows print providers with photographic or fine-art applications to print on a wide range of media, including odd-shaped, heavy, smooth or pre-cut media and unusual objects such as canvas, glass or wood. 

Innovations include integrated Océ Arizona Xpert self-learning technology and instant-on capability. The Xpert technology allows the printer to learn from what the operator does, making it easy to help reproduce complex, multi-layered projects. 

Océ Touchstone software allows users to create textured prints, both transparent and opaque.

With the built in Automated Maintenance System (AMS) for hands-free printhead maintenance, nozzle function for all colours can be selectively restored in seconds.

The Océ Arizona 1300 series can be upgraded by adding additional ink channels up to a maximum of eight; a Roll Media Option, or a Static Suppression Upgrade Kit provides active suppression of static electricity when printing on hard plastic materials such as acrylic, polycarbonate and styrene. There’s also an option to add light cyan and light magenta inks, plus Canon’s brightest white ink ever, or optically clear varnish to the ink channels helps enable higher quality photo and fine-art.

Operators can make last-minute adjustments at the printer, such as nesting, batching of complex jobs, step and repeat, mirroring and re-assignment of print modes. Switching between rigid media jobs and roll to roll jobs can be done at the push of a button with no extra tables to deal with. Media handling is simple with the built in pin registration system to easily align media on the flatbed table. The new IJC357 UV inks are Greenguard Gold certified, so the prints may be used in sensitive environments such as in schools and hospitals.

In addition, the new devices are the first Canon flatbed products to include Océ Remote Service for ongoing technical support. With this tool, customers can better monitor ink consumption and print volumes, enabling them to receive customised service contracts based on individual business requirements.

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The Océ Arizona 1300 Series, produced at the recently expanded Canon flatbed manufacturing facility in Poing, Germany (pictured, above), is expected to be available in Australia and New Zealand later this year.