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Practical marketing tips
By Glen Chapman

The following are a few tips that will help you with your marketing. By keeping these things in mind when you are planning your marketing strategy and when you are dealing with your clients and prospects you will be more successful in building relationships.

The Rainmaker
By Gary Lockwood  

Remember when scientists used to seed the clouds to try to make it rain? They would fly over rain clouds and dump salt pellets to try to force the rain from the clouds. I guess they figured that they could just help Nature along a bit.

Building your marketing strategy (Part 2)
Glen Chapman
We continue with the second part of the marketing strategy which includes looking at the information that you send to your communication list and the aim of this communication. We also look at the final stage of the marketing strategy - opportunity management.

Building your marketing strategy
By Glen Chapman

How do all your marketing strategies fit together into a complete business strategy? Justin Rolf-Marsh of Ballistix (Brisbane, Australia) talks about a Relationship-centric Marketing Model. Others call it a customer acquisition program, an advertising strategy or a marketing strategy. What ever you call it, it is basically how your entire promotions, sales process and business processes come together in your complete sales and marketing strategy.

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