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Metamerism (Metameric Pair)
By David Crowther 

Definition - The phenomenon where two colours appear to match under on light source, yet do not match under a different light source. Two such colours are called a metameric pair.

How we see colour - Measuring and supplying correct colour
David Crowther

How we see colour can best be described as communicating colour. In the accompanying image of the rose at the bottom of this article, how would you describe the colour of this rose? Would you see it as yellow, sort of lemon yellow or maybe a bright canary yellow?

Capture to Output – Colour Communication (Part Two)
By David Crowther

In the last issue we looked the first three steps of Capture to Output. This covered RAW digital capture, RAW processing to RGB and RGB Editing – Conversion. With the latter two steps, a calibrated monitor is of vital importance. Accurate visual assessment of the RAW capture and subsequent RGB image editing requires implementation of good colour management. We all have ideas of how the captured image should appear, but without following the fundamentals of colour management; we will have no idea if the previews on the monitor are an accurate representation of the colour we wish to output onto paper, canvas, etc.

Capture to Output – Colour Communication? (Part One)
By David Crowther

From the moment of digital capture, right up until the time of digital output, close attention needs to be given to colour communication. Hang on, you say, colour communication? Is this something new? What about colour management? Well, colour management is really about communicating colour accurately from device to device in an ICC enabled workflow. This communication of colour allows you to predict what will happen to colour sooner in the workflow, therefore empowering you and your workflow processes to make better decisions concerning colour earlier in the production process. This is the true value of colour management.

RGB – Which ‘working’ space for me?
By David Crowther

Photoshop RGB working space. What is the right space? What should you choose? sRGB, Adobe RGB (1998), ColorMatch RGB or ProPhoto RGB? How can it affect the photographer, designer, fine art reproducer and digital artist? Indeed, you may well have asked, “Is it really important?”

A Coloured View of Digital Print Making
By David Crowther

Digital print making. What is your view? What can digital printing do for the photographer, designer, fine art reproducer and digital artist? You may well have asked, “how can it help me?”

The Display Dilemma
By David Crowther

Do you monitor your Display or display your Monitor?

The Colour Conundrum
By David Crowther

Why do we need colour management? Many have asked this question before, many still do and many are continuing to ask, "How can I just get it to look right or correct?"