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Mimaki launches new R2R inkjet printers for sign & graphics

Mimaki Engineering released two new models of its roll to roll 100 Series inkjet printers for sign and graphics applications – the JV100-160, compatible with solvent ink, and UJV100-160, compatible with UV ink – described as “well-balanced entry-level models with excellent operational performance, image quality, speed and cost.” The new printers will be available worldwide from December. Mimaki Australia says it will be holding “good stock levels of these new models in April 2021.”

Mimaki JV100 160 Hybrid Services

The new printers are equipped with a DAS (Dot Adjustment System) function as standard, which automatically adjusts the dot position correction and media feed amount, which were conventionally performed manually when changing the media to be printed. “This feature provides for high operability and significantly reduces workload, while consistently delivering high quality printing by eliminating variance in adjustment among operators,” Mimaki says.

“In addition, the products are equipped with a variety of Mimaki's functions for sign graphics, including NCU (Nozzle Check Unit)*1, NRS (Nozzle Recovery System)*2 and MAPS4 (Mimaki Advanced Pass System 4)*3 to ensure the realization of the high level of print quality required in the market. 

“The solvent ink compatible model "JV100-160" is compatible with Mimaki's new generation ink, which has excellent drying properties. The newly developed inks evaporate quickly to minimize bleeding, even on images requiring large amounts of ink to print, producing beautiful, detailed expressions. This allows indoor and outdoor signs to print directly on common PVC media. This can realize sharp and eye-catching signage prints for applications such as indoor advertisements and outdoor signs that require high weather resistance to support strongly your business.”

Mimaki says the UJV100-160, first introduced to emerging markets in March 2020, has been received favourably by customers, and sales are now being expanded worldwide. 

“UV-cured ink used by the model contribute to a significant reduction in production turnaround time due to their quick-drying properties upon output. In addition to PVC and tarpaulin, which are common in outdoor signage, it can be printed on various media such as fabric (dedicated for sign graphics use), paper without an ink receiving layer, and PET film, so it is a product that can be used by a wide range of customers in the sign graphics market.

“Both models are equipped with RasterLink7 as the standard accessory, which is newly developed as a RIP (Raster Image Processor) * 4 that controls printing.

The software was developed by incorporating the Harlequin RIP from Global Graphics, one of the world's leading digital printing platforms, into the RIP engine that performs the RIP process. This resulted in improving the reproducibility of the special effect (transparency effect) of PDF files and increasing the RIP processing speed by 25% on average compared to "RasterLink6 Plus". 

*1 NCU: A function that automatically detects the status of nozzles using the sensor, and performs auto cleaning when a missing nozzle is found

*2 NRS: A function that automatically replaces defective nozzles with other nozzles if there is a problem left unsolved by the nozzle cleaning, and ensures uninterrupted printing with stable image quality

*3 MAPS4: A function that prints pass boundaries fading in gradation to reduce banding (horizontal stripes), uneven colour, and glossy streak

*4 RIP: Process of converting text, images and other data created on computers into printable format.

589 main



Head   On-demand piezo head (double head staggered layout)

Printing resolution      360 dpi, 600 dpi, 720 dpi, 900 dpi, 1200 dpi

Ink(Type/Colour)        AS5 (C,M,Y,K,Lc,Lm,Lk,Or)

SS21 (C,M,Y,K,Lc,Lm,Lk,Or)

Ink capacity     600ml / 2 L ink pack

Print gap         Dual manual adjustment (2/2.5 mm)

Maximum drawing range       1,610 mm (63 in)

Media specifications   Maximum width         1,620 mm (64 in)

            Thickness        1 mm or lower

            Roll diameter  φ250 mm or less

            Roll weight      45 kg (99 lb) or less

            Roll inside diameter    2 inch/3 inch

Media cutting Automatic cutting using the head section cutter

Winding/Feeding        Winding (automatic winding)/Feeding (holder)

Interface         USB2.0, Ethernet

Power specifications Single-phase(AC100-120V±10%, AC200-240V±10%) x 2  50/ 60±1Hz x 2

Safety standard           VCCI Class A / FCC Class A /CE Marking (EMC Directive, Low Voltage Directive, Machinery Directive, RoHS Directive) / CB Certification / Energy Star / RCM / EAC

Safe Operation Technology    NCU, NRS, DAS

External dimensions (W x D x H)        2,775 x 700 x 1,392 mm  (109 x 28 x 55 in)

Main unit weight        166 kg (366 lb)



Print head       On-demand piezo head (double head staggered layout)

Printing resolution      360 dpi, 720 dpi, 900 dpi, 120 0dpi

Ink (Type/Colour)        UV-curable ink LUS-170 (C,M,Y,K,W, Cl)

Ink capacity     1L bottle

Print gap         Dual manual adjustment (2/2.5mm)

Maximum drawing range       1,610 mm (63 in)

Media  Maximum width         1,620 mm (64 in)

            Thickness        1mm or lower

            Roll diameter  φ250 mm or less

            Roll weight      45kg (99 lb) or less

            Roll inside diameter    2inch/3 inch

Media cutting Automatic cutting using the head section cutter

Winding/Feeding        Winding (automatic winding) /Feeding (holder)

Interface         USB2.0 / Ethernet

Power specifications   Single-phase AC100-120 / 200-240V±10%, 50/60Hz±1Hz

Safety standard           VCCI-class A, FCC Class A / IEC 62368-1 compliant ETL / CE marking (EMC Directive, Machinery Directive, RoHS Directive, Low Voltage Directive) / CB certification, RoHS support / Energy Star / RCM / EAC

External dimensions

(W x D x H)      2,775 x 700 x 1,475 mm  (109 x 28 x 58 in)

Main unit weight        167 kg (368 lb)

*5 Specifications, designs, dimensions, and other information described in this document are subject to change without notice due to technical improvement etc.