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PIAA announces new CEO

The PIAA has appointed Andrew Macaulay to replace Jason Allen as CEO. The appointment follows an extensive recruitment process which saw over 100 applicants from within Australia and overseas.


PIAA Acting President, Kieran May, said the Board was unanimous in its choice.
The Board was mindful of the expectations of all members and set about to appoint a candidate with a strong record, particularly in stakeholder consultation and communication. Also at front of mind was the need to appoint a CEO who will lead the Association through a period of stabilisation, while simultaneously working to identify areas where members will see tangible benefits.
The Board conducted in-depth interviews with short-listed applicants from both the print industry and other industry backgrounds. Applicants were then short-listed further and followed up with secondary discussions with the top candidates.
Macaulay offered key strengths which set him apart. He has shown a demonstrated ability to engage with members at all levels, an ability to grasp key issues to influence decision makers on policy and strategic matters, and an outstanding record in managing recovery and growth.
Macaulay achieved outstanding results in a key role with NSW Farmers Association in a period when their industry experienced significant turmoil. His leadership was instrumental in rebuilding confidence within a fractured and demoralised industry sector.  More recently he has been instrumental in forging successful multi-level partnerships throughout Australia and South East Asia, driven by his exceptional leadership and strong relationships at Government and stakeholder levels.
Those who know Andrew, attest to his ability and strong family values.
Macaulay has expressed priority to meet with industry leaders and members.


Printing Industries Association of Australia