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Canon launch their new Océ Colorado 1640 64 inch printer using UVgel ink

Canon is currently doing a country wide launch of their first 64” roll-to-roll production printer, the Océ Colorado 1640 using Canon’s UVGel Ink technology. Using one on one presentations at the country's major centres, Garry Muratore, Canon's Product Manager for Display Graphics will use his wealth of technical know to introduce this new technology.

As reported back in September, Canon highlighted the following benefits of the new ink:
Key elements and benefits of the UVgel technology:
•A radically new UV curable ink from Canon that instantly gels on contact with the media, resulting in precise dot placement and area control for consistent high-quality images at high speed

Océ Colorado 1640
The new Océ Colorado 1640

•The large colour gamut of solvent inks combined with the environmental benefits and safety profile of latex and UV inks
•Ultra-thin ink dispersion with almost no discernible physical profile and the lowest ink consumption rate can provide up to a 40 percent reduction in printing costs compared to eco-solvent and latex
These features all result in cost-effective, non-toxic, durable, color fast, high-quality prints for almost any flexible media application.
This amazing new UVgel technology incorporates several new hardware technology developments from Canon:
•Advanced, "next generation" piezoelectric printhead technology employing patented acoustic sampling technology that monitors nozzle performance on-the-fly during printing
•A unique LED UV curing sub-system that operates completely independently from the printing system ensuring identical jetting to curing timing for every droplet for unprecedented uniformity across the printed image
•An LED-based UV system that cures without adding any heat to the media whatsoever, making it easy to print on the thinnest, most heat-sensitive flexible media
•Continuous, on-the-fly, nozzle performance compensation facilitates confident unattended printing and reduced print waste.
They also reported that at about this time they will launch the new Océ Colorado 1640.

This new printer is reportedly the fastest 64 inch printer on the market. It boasts a top speed of 159 square metres per hour and delivers high quality, POP prints at 40 square metres per hour faster than any competing system in this segment. The new, technologically advanced UVgel ink instantly gels on contact with media resulting in precise dot gain and positional control, perfectly repeatable images, and instantly cured, durable prints. The state-of-the-art low temperature LED-UV curing system moves independently from the printing carriage thus enabling uniform, post-print UV curing that further contributes to print speed and print quality. Confident unattended printing, automated quality assurance, unattended roll change, and reduced print waste all significantly contribute to overall productivity.


Canon Australia